Artificial intelligence

‘Killer robots’ will be nothing like the movies show – here’s where the real threats lie

Increasingly, the decisions to identify, track and destroy targets are being handed over to algorithms.


Multi-factor authentication: Do I really need to bother with it?

Having more rigorous security measures when logging in can help to protect your accounts, and significantly reduces the likelihood of many automated cyber attacks.

Sociology Technology

Might robot warfare make commanders more humane?

Reducing the number of humans an order passes through might make those making the decisions feel more responsibility for the outcomes. 

What the hell

Ford makes an app for pedestrians and cyclists to use so its vehicles don’t run them over

Rather than use their eyes to drive, owners of Ford vehicles might soon be able to use their phones.


New facemask can warn you if the person you’re talking to has COVID

What if rather than waiting to get sick, you could find out if you’ve been exposed via an app?

Animals What the hell

Solar-powered cyborg cockroaches are here, inventor promises they won’t go out-of-control

So preoccupied whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think. blah blah blah.


Metaverse fraud – can it be stopped?

By 2026, it is predicted that 25 percent of people will spend an hour a day in the metaverse.

Artificial intelligence

Artists freak out after computer takes out first place at art show

“That’s pretty f**ing shitty,” wrote one person in a tweet liked tens of thousands of times.


Dive into people’s DMs with this underwater messaging app

The software, AquaApp, works on existing devices – here’s now.


Kim Dotcom hints at return of New Zealand’s Internet Party

Entrepreneur and alleged internet piracy kingpin Kim Dotcom is planning another run at politics.