Music Personality

Extreme metal guitarists out to impress other men, not women – study

Male guitarists who spend hours a day practising extreme metal licks and riffs only do so to impress other men, a recent study concluded.

Personality Politics

Parents’ politics leave mark on kids as young as three – study

Kids with conservative parents are more likely to punish wrongdoers from outside their own groups than kids with liberal parents, a new study has found.


Giving people choices makes people more individualistic – study

The sheer amount of choice we have in modern society could be driving us to make decisions that run counter to the collective good.

Covid-19 Personality

COVID-19 hastened youngsters’ decline into being grumpy adults

COVID-19 changed our personalities in the space of a year or two what would normally take a decade, a new study has found.


People who get bored easily more likely to do dumb stuff – study

Idle hands can indeed be the devil’s playthings, if the results of a new study are to be believed. 

Personality Politics Sociology

‘Political bullshit’ more likely to work on right-wingers

Just why right-wing people fall for bullshit isn’t clear. A couple of possible explanations are noted in the study.

Conspiracy theories

How crazy conspiracy theories can be dangerous even if few believe them

Even if most people dismiss conspiracy theories… the high visibility of these false ideas can still make them dangerous.

Artificial intelligence

This robot might have a better sense of humour than you

‘Erica’ learned about humour by analysing 80 speed dating meetups.

Social Media

Poverty, inequality linked to social media addiction in kids

If you want to get your kids off social media, have you ever considered, like, not being poor? ?


Men gamble more if told they’re lucky, even if they think superstition is bollocks

Men are more superstitious than women when it comes to money, new research has found.


Getting old doesn’t make you right-wing, it’s children (but maybe not forever) – study

Older folks say it’s their age and wisdom that’s made them conservartive… but it’s probably not.


Hey boy, hey girl: Gender’s effect on siblings’ personalities revealed

Our siblings play a central role in our childhoods, but do their genders affect our personality?


Tired people are grumpy and unhelpful, unsurprising study finds

Next time you need something from someone, make sure they’re out of bed before you ask.  


Can you judge a book by its cover? Maybe, study suggests

The mystery of how we end up with so many celebrity doppelgangers might finally have an answer.