Music Science

German scientists unlock the secret of jazz music’s ‘swing’

It’s been nearly 100 years since Duke Ellington recorded ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing’, and science has just caught up.


Petting dogs is good for your brain – but they have to be real

Petting a dog lights up the part of the brain that regulates and processes social and emotional interactions, a new study has found.


People like product reviews with swearwords in them

Next time you’re writing an online review, consider dropping an F-bomb or two, if the platform allows it.

Personality Sociology

Science has finally worked out why dudes send nudes

Finally, we know why some men send dick pics – to get nudes in return, or sex. 

Food and Drink Strange news

Scientists make beer nicer by genetically engineering it to have more ‘banana’ flavour

Scientists say they’ve found a way to make beer tastier using genetic engineering. But they’re not entirely sure why it works.

Music Personality

Extreme metal guitarists out to impress other men, not women – study

Male guitarists who spend hours a day practising extreme metal licks and riffs only do so to impress other men, a recent study concluded.

Science What the hell

Erect nipple-shaming common despite being ‘uncontrollable’ – study

People think women whose nipples get erect when sexually aroused are more promiscuous and less intelligent than those who don’t, a new study has found. 

Personality Politics

Parents’ politics leave mark on kids as young as three – study

Kids with conservative parents are more likely to punish wrongdoers from outside their own groups than kids with liberal parents, a new study has found.


People who get bored easily more likely to do dumb stuff – study

Idle hands can indeed be the devil’s playthings, if the results of a new study are to be believed. 

Personality Politics Sociology

‘Political bullshit’ more likely to work on right-wingers

Just why right-wing people fall for bullshit isn’t clear. A couple of possible explanations are noted in the study.


Scientists ‘discover’ obvious way to limit scooter head injuries

People who fall off scooters should try to shield their heads with their arms before they hit the ground, experts say.


Cow mucus lube shows promise as condom alternative

Don’t want to wear a condom? How about just smearing some cow mucus down there? 


The very unsurprising reason bad weather seems to reduce violent crime

Contrary to the film noir myth, it turns out violent crime actually drops when it rains.


‘Mandela effect’ exists, and no one seems to know why

At least according to a study which we assume the results of won’t have changed by tomorrow.


Earth too cold? Just move Jupiter

Scientists might have found an unlikely way to make Earth an even better place to live.

Animals What the hell

Solar-powered cyborg cockroaches are here, inventor promises they won’t go out-of-control

So preoccupied whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think. blah blah blah.

Climate Change

Climate change appears likely to drive more hate speech online

Another reason to stop burning the planet just dropped.


Men gamble more if told they’re lucky, even if they think superstition is bollocks

Men are more superstitious than women when it comes to money, new research has found.


Getting old doesn’t make you right-wing, it’s children (but maybe not forever) – study

Older folks say it’s their age and wisdom that’s made them conservartive… but it’s probably not.