New Zealand Strange news

Unwelcome politician turns 6yo’s birthday party into campaign event

A real estate agent standing for office in New Zealand has been criticised for gatecrashing and campaigning at a six-year-old’s birthday party.

Strange news

Lottery draw picks all multiples of nine, 433 winners split jackpot

Win the lottery, expect to become a millionaire, right? What if you have to share the winnings with 432 others? 

Animals Evolution

Radiation-protected pitch-black frogs are taking over Chernobyl

Chernobyl tree frogs have a much darker colouration than frogs captured in control areas outside the zone.

New Zealand Strange news TV

Govt ads showing people giving ‘the finger’ to each other banned

Health New Zealand’s campaign to get people testing for hepatitis C involved numerous people flipping the bird to the camera and each other.

New Zealand Strange news Technology

Vodafone NZ’s new name sparks comparisons to white nationalists, fascists

A Google search for Vodafone NZ’s new name, One NZ, brings up a racist website. It’s also being compared to fascist slogans and dubbed white supremacist.

New Zealand Strange news

Ex-cop with talent for ‘scoring sheilas’ wore pig mask on patrol

A former NZ police officer running for local government this year wore a pig mask while out on patrol, it has been revealed.

Climate Change Health

PETA insists they ‘don’t care about your sex life’

PETA says it isn’t serious about its suggested sex ban on meat-eating men.

Health What the hell

Treatment found for man’s allergy to his own semen

There have been only a few dozen cases of post-orgasmic illness syndrome ever recorded. Here’s the details on the latest.

Strange news

Crocs only for wearing, not eating, manufacturer clarifies

Crocs might be a crime against fashion, but don’t go trying to fix the world by eating them.

Social Media

Don’t cook chicken in medicines like Nyquil, idiots and children told

Social media users are being urged to resist the temptation to cook ‘Sleepy Chicken’.


Mariah Carey to release ‘grunge’ album she recorded in 1995

The record, Someone’s Ugly Daughter, was put together by Carey and her band in 1995 for fun


Is this the world’s oddest politician? Campaign slogans turned into Radiohead tune

A baffling election pitch has been turned into a spot-on copy of a Radiohead song.


‘Squadrons’ of UFOs spotted over Ukraine amid Russian onslaught

They come in two types, according to a paper uploaded recently.

Strange news

London queue hailed as ‘greatest bit of British performance art ever’

Hundreds of thousands have formed an orderly queue to see Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin.

What the hell

Twins born to different dads

The twins are genetically only half-brothers.

New Zealand

This New Zealand city might be about to vote in an actual ‘wizard’ as mayor

A ‘wizard’ is in contention to become the next mayor of a major city in New Zealand. 


Rock legend gets mint condition T-shirt from the ’80s back, and it still fits

“Can’t wait wear this sucker on our upcoming NZ tour!!”

Artificial intelligence

Artists freak out after computer takes out first place at art show

“That’s pretty f**ing shitty,” wrote one person in a tweet liked tens of thousands of times.