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Evidence for dinosaur-killing asteroid’s tsunami found in New Zealand

The asteroid that (probably) wiped out the dinosaurs released more than 30,000 times the energy of the deadly 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, a new study has found.

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Unwelcome politician turns 6yo’s birthday party into campaign event

A real estate agent standing for office in New Zealand has been criticised for gatecrashing and campaigning at a six-year-old’s birthday party.

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Antivaxxers Voices for Freedom lose appeal over misleading billboards

New Zealand anti-vaccination group Voices for Freedom has lost its appeal against a ruling earlier this year which saw some of its billboards taken down.

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Govt ads showing people giving ‘the finger’ to each other banned

Health New Zealand’s campaign to get people testing for hepatitis C involved numerous people flipping the bird to the camera and each other.

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Vodafone NZ’s new name sparks comparisons to white nationalists, fascists

A Google search for Vodafone NZ’s new name, One NZ, brings up a racist website. It’s also being compared to fascist slogans and dubbed white supremacist.

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Ex-cop with talent for ‘scoring sheilas’ wore pig mask on patrol

A former NZ police officer running for local government this year wore a pig mask while out on patrol, it has been revealed.


NZ health boss says Joe Biden’s wrong to say COVID-19 pandemic is over

The head of New Zealand’s health ministry has dismissed the US President’s claim.

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Alert Level at Taupō Volcano, one of the world’s biggest, lifted for the first time ever

The alert level at one of the world’s biggest supervolcanos has been raised.


The lonely tuatara just got a new family member – but it’s long-dead

A long-lost cousin of the tuatara which lived alongside the dinosaurs has been discovered. A nearly complete skeleton of what’s been dubbed Opisthiamimus gregori has been found in the US state of Wyoming – pretty far from the tuatara’s native homeland of New Zealand.  It dates back 150 million years,


Unwilling Auckland mayoral candidate told it’s too late to quit

NZ’s biggest city might soon have a mayor that doesn’t even want the job.


Some of NZ’s COVID precautions scrapped prematurely – experts

The decision to end most public health measures received a mixed response.


Comebacks for when a mouthbreather asks why you’re still wearing a mask

Some great comebacks that’ll leave them wishing they kept their piehole shut

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This New Zealand city might be about to vote in an actual ‘wizard’ as mayor

A ‘wizard’ is in contention to become the next mayor of a major city in New Zealand. 


Rock legend gets mint condition T-shirt from the ’80s back, and it still fits

“Can’t wait wear this sucker on our upcoming NZ tour!!”

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Massive neo-Nazi group turns out to be full of scaredy-cat wusses

They’re an “ill-disciplined” bunch of unfit young men in low-paying jobs who can hardly even fight, infiltrators found.


Man vying to be NZ’s next leader takes week to rule out coalition with religious extremist

Brian Tamaki once blamed an earthquake on “gays, sinners, and murderers”.


‘Vape to quit’ programmes might land some smokers with second addiction – study

Using vaping to quit ciggies might have a lower than 50% success rate.


Fiscal drag is back – here’s how it’s affecting your pay

Tax has again become an election issue, more than 12 months before voters go to the polls.