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PETA insists they ‘don’t care about your sex life’

PETA says it isn’t serious about its suggested sex ban on meat-eating men.


Unborn babies love carrots, consider kale ‘poison’ – study

Even unborn babies aren’t fans of kale, screwing up their faces when exposed to the trendy leafy green.

Strange news

Crocs only for wearing, not eating, manufacturer clarifies

Crocs might be a crime against fashion, but don’t go trying to fix the world by eating them.


Which foods can we eat past the ‘best before’ date?

‘Best before’ assessments can be highly subjective.


Even if fatty food tasted of nothing we’d likely still crave it – study

Think fatty food is addictive because it tastes good? Bad news.


A cure for binge-eating?

It seems to work even without any dietary or exercise plans.