A man who was once a contender to lead the UK has been photographed playing an arcade game in which the player gets to kill a previous Prime Minister.

The gamer in this case was Jeremy Corbyn, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise the target was Margaret Thatcher.

Twitter user @letshugbro, aka Jim Purvis, snapped the former Labour leader playing Thatcher’s Techbase – a modded version of ultra-violent shooter Doom II – at The World Transformed, a left-wing politics and art festival held at the weekend.

“He liked the game,” Purvis tweeted with two pictures of Corbyn and the machine.

The game was first released for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii in 2021. In it, Thatcher – who ruled the UK from 1979 to 1990, and is ridiculously unpopular with the left – has risen from the dead.

The player has to “descend into the tenth circle of Hell, the United Kingdom, in order to kill her and send her back to Hell” according to its Wikipedia page. 

Purvis earlier tweeted pictures of the arcade version of the game being constructed.

“Try to grab a high score against CyberThatcher’s hordes on real arcade hardware, with new enemies and map layouts to take on! Exciting!!”

Purvis said in a follow-up tweet he first came up with the idea in 2020.

“Me in 2020: haha imagine thatcher was in doom, that would be funny wouldnt it.. Me in 2022: Mr. Corbyn, try using the super shotgun on CyberThatcher.”

“Congratulations on bringing about what has got to be one of the top 100 maddest moments of British politics in the past 6 months,” another Twitter user told him.

Purvis said the arcade version of the game was “produced in support of Living Rent, who are working very hard to secure the future of tenants’ rights in Scotland”, linking to a page where donations could be made to help the group.