A former New Zealand police officer running for local government this year wore a pig mask while out on patrol, it has been revealed.

Daniel “Teddy” Thompson is running for a spot on the Gisborne District Council, talking up his experience on the force, RNZ reported on Friday

But sources have told the broadcaster he was censured about 20 years ago wearing a pig mask on duty. 

He didn’t deny it when contacted by RNZ, just saying he was “well-known” in the community. 

He also refused to talk about a photo of him taken at the Wellington anti-vaccination protest earlier this year, where participants threated to lynch politicians before it ended in flames and violence. 

“I don’t want to give any negative stuff any of my attention, really.”

Earlier this month, Thompson told a newspaper his “special secret skill” was “scoring sheilas”, using a slang word common in Australia and New Zealand for a woman.

“But I’ve lost that talent. Missus and kids now,” he told the NZ Herald, adding that he hadn’t been arrested “yet, but I’m sure it’s coming”. 

Thompson was reportedly a police office for nine years, and was employed by the council for the six. 

Voting in New Zealand’s local government elections is underway, and ends on October 8. Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island, is mulling over whether to elect a man once employed by the council to perform “acts of wizardry and other wizard-like services”.

In Auckland, the nation’s biggest city, one of the frontrunners pulled out of the race too late to avoid her name being printed on the ballots.

And across the country, extremists linked the Wellington protest and other fringe movements are making a concerted effort to get elected, some with the stated intention to make the country “ungovernable”. For the first time, many Kiwis are likely paying close attention to the booklets that get sent out each election where the candidates make their pitches.