Food and Drink Strange news

Scientists make beer nicer by genetically engineering it to have more ‘banana’ flavour

Scientists say they’ve found a way to make beer tastier using genetic engineering. But they’re not entirely sure why it works.

New Zealand Strange news

Unwelcome politician turns 6yo’s birthday party into campaign event

A real estate agent standing for office in New Zealand has been criticised for gatecrashing and campaigning at a six-year-old’s birthday party.

Science What the hell

Erect nipple-shaming common despite being ‘uncontrollable’ – study

People think women whose nipples get erect when sexually aroused are more promiscuous and less intelligent than those who don’t, a new study has found. 

Strange news

Lottery draw picks all multiples of nine, 433 winners split jackpot

Win the lottery, expect to become a millionaire, right? What if you have to share the winnings with 432 others? 

New Zealand Strange news TV

Govt ads showing people giving ‘the finger’ to each other banned

Health New Zealand’s campaign to get people testing for hepatitis C involved numerous people flipping the bird to the camera and each other.

New Zealand Strange news Technology

Vodafone NZ’s new name sparks comparisons to white nationalists, fascists

A Google search for Vodafone NZ’s new name, One NZ, brings up a racist website. It’s also being compared to fascist slogans and dubbed white supremacist.

New Zealand Strange news

Ex-cop with talent for ‘scoring sheilas’ wore pig mask on patrol

A former NZ police officer running for local government this year wore a pig mask while out on patrol, it has been revealed.

Health What the hell

Treatment found for man’s allergy to his own semen

There have been only a few dozen cases of post-orgasmic illness syndrome ever recorded. Here’s the details on the latest.

Strange news

Crocs only for wearing, not eating, manufacturer clarifies

Crocs might be a crime against fashion, but don’t go trying to fix the world by eating them.

What the hell

Ford makes an app for pedestrians and cyclists to use so its vehicles don’t run them over

Rather than use their eyes to drive, owners of Ford vehicles might soon be able to use their phones.

What the hell

Woman swallows 50 batteries, and not the small kind either

Don’t worry – this shocking story ends on a positive note.


‘Squadrons’ of UFOs spotted over Ukraine amid Russian onslaught

They come in two types, according to a paper uploaded recently.

Strange news

London queue hailed as ‘greatest bit of British performance art ever’

Hundreds of thousands have formed an orderly queue to see Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin.

What the hell

Twins born to different dads

The twins are genetically only half-brothers.

Animals What the hell

Solar-powered cyborg cockroaches are here, inventor promises they won’t go out-of-control

So preoccupied whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think. blah blah blah.

Strange news

Confused rapper wakes up to find Boris Johnson in his house

He thought he was still drunk, or perhaps dreaming.

Strange news

Exam scam foiled when man’s ‘thumbprint’ falls off

One man burned off his print with a hot pan, pasting it onto his friend’s thumb.

Strange news

Shaquille O’Neal disputes rotation of the Earth

Basketball legend and flat-Earth-dabbler Shaq has revealed another odd belief.