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Evidence for dinosaur-killing asteroid’s tsunami found in New Zealand

The asteroid that (probably) wiped out the dinosaurs released more than 30,000 times the energy of the deadly 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, a new study has found.


Moon might have taken just hours to make, NASA says

One day the Earth had no moon, the next it was there, according to a radical new theory on the creation of our only major satellite. 

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The asteroid NASA hit with a probe now has a 10,000km-long tail

The asteroid NASA smacked around last week now has a tail almost as long as the Earth is wide.

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Asteroid that made the world’s largest crater much bigger than expected

An asteroid that slammed into South Africa long ago must have been at least five times bigger than that which killed off the dinosaurs, new research suggests

End of the world Space

When meteorites threaten the Earth, they usually aren’t alone

While NASA’s planetary defence test this week got off to a great start, new findings from the moon suggest the agency’s got its work cut out.


Source of powerful and mysterious ‘fast radio bursts’ perhaps found

Mysterious blasts of energy from space could be coming from interstellar tag-teams.


Saturn moon has ‘almost all the basic requirements of life as we know it’

While one key ingredient remains elusive, scientists say evidence is growing that it’s there.


Might alien civilisations be hostile?

The debate over whether there’s a malicious alien race out there we need to avoid is heating up.


Earth too cold? Just move Jupiter

Scientists might have found an unlikely way to make Earth an even better place to live.


Possibly habitable planet found around ‘ultra-cool’ star

Presumably they mean the temperature, and not how many f***s it gives.


Einstein right again for now, this time over the shape of ancient galaxies

But his success means the continued survival of a theory that hasn’t been proven to exist.


Comets might not just have brought life to Earth, but also created the continents

The very land you’re on right now might have an extra-terrestrial origin story.