Dinosaurs Space

Asteroid that made the world’s largest crater much bigger than expected

An asteroid that slammed into South Africa long ago must have been at least five times bigger than that which killed off the dinosaurs, new research suggests

Climate Change Environment

The world’s lakes are turning green, and you can probably guess why

Climate change is threatening to turn the world’s blue lakes green and brown, if current warming trends persist.


Dogs can smell when you’re stressed (if they can be bothered)

Dogs can tell when you’re stressed out with near perfect accuracy based only on your breath, apparently.

End of the world Space

When meteorites threaten the Earth, they usually aren’t alone

While NASA’s planetary defence test this week got off to a great start, new findings from the moon suggest the agency’s got its work cut out.


People who get bored easily more likely to do dumb stuff – study

Idle hands can indeed be the devil’s playthings, if the results of a new study are to be believed. 

Personality Politics Sociology

‘Political bullshit’ more likely to work on right-wingers

Just why right-wing people fall for bullshit isn’t clear. A couple of possible explanations are noted in the study.


Scientists ‘discover’ obvious way to limit scooter head injuries

People who fall off scooters should try to shield their heads with their arms before they hit the ground, experts say.


Dinosaurs were doomed even without Chicxulub asteroid – study

If Chicxulub hadn’t smashed into Mexico 66 million years ago, volcanoes probably would have got them.

Climate Change

Termites to thrive as Earth warms, contribute to carbon emissions

Rising sea levels, stronger storms and fewer places to grow coffee won’t be the only problems the world faces as temperatures rise.

Climate Change Health

PETA insists they ‘don’t care about your sex life’

PETA says it isn’t serious about its suggested sex ban on meat-eating men.


Unborn babies love carrots, consider kale ‘poison’ – study

Even unborn babies aren’t fans of kale, screwing up their faces when exposed to the trendy leafy green.


Bad dreams, bad brains? Nightmares linked to dementia

We still know so little about why we dream, how the brain creates dreams, and importantly, what the significance of our dreams might be for our health.

Health What the hell

Treatment found for man’s allergy to his own semen

There have been only a few dozen cases of post-orgasmic illness syndrome ever recorded. Here’s the details on the latest.


Finally, a fat-burning exercise for people who like sitting (ie. all of us)

A health professor says he’s found a muscle which can trigger hours of fat-burning even while sitting around.


Totally not-evil scientists crossed a mosquito with bees and a ‘clawed frog’

It might actually be key to saving hundreds of thousands of lives a year.


Homo sapiens the pinnacle of human progress? Unlikely

Our ancient ancestors got a bad press – here’s why that was a mistake.

End of the world

Extinct volcano threatens US beer supply

The US could soon face a devastating beer shortage, and the culprit is a long-dead volcano.


How many ants are there? About 20,000 million million, maybe more

Have you ever wondered exactly how many ants live on Earth?


Source of powerful and mysterious ‘fast radio bursts’ perhaps found

Mysterious blasts of energy from space could be coming from interstellar tag-teams.


NZ health boss says Joe Biden’s wrong to say COVID-19 pandemic is over

The head of New Zealand’s health ministry has dismissed the US President’s claim.