Covid-19 Health

Life expectancy dropping in places with bad COVID-19 vaccine rates

Life expectancy in western Europe bounced back in 2021, a new study has found – but it hasn’t in some other places.

Health Sports

Rugby players more than twice as likely to suffer dementia, Parkinson’s

And that’s not all – playing at the top level boosts the risk of motor neurone disease by 15 times.

Climate Change Health

PETA insists they ‘don’t care about your sex life’

PETA says it isn’t serious about its suggested sex ban on meat-eating men.


Unborn babies love carrots, consider kale ‘poison’ – study

Even unborn babies aren’t fans of kale, screwing up their faces when exposed to the trendy leafy green.


Bad dreams, bad brains? Nightmares linked to dementia

We still know so little about why we dream, how the brain creates dreams, and importantly, what the significance of our dreams might be for our health.

Health What the hell

Treatment found for man’s allergy to his own semen

There have been only a few dozen cases of post-orgasmic illness syndrome ever recorded. Here’s the details on the latest.


Finally, a fat-burning exercise for people who like sitting (ie. all of us)

A health professor says he’s found a muscle which can trigger hours of fat-burning even while sitting around.


Cow mucus lube shows promise as condom alternative

Don’t want to wear a condom? How about just smearing some cow mucus down there? 


Even if fatty food tasted of nothing we’d likely still crave it – study

Think fatty food is addictive because it tastes good? Bad news.


Cause of ‘uncombable hair’ discovered

Next time you’re having a bad hair day, blame your parents.


Cancer concerns raised over growing trend of freezing embryos

Children that grow from embryos that were once frozen might be at higher risk of cancer.


‘Vape to quit’ programmes might land some smokers with second addiction – study

Using vaping to quit ciggies might have a lower than 50% success rate.


Quick breaks at work good for you, not for your boss – study

While microbreaks do wonders for workers, it doesn’t seem to boost the quality of their work.


A cure for binge-eating?

It seems to work even without any dietary or exercise plans.


Half of teens don’t recognise health misinformation when they see it

Even when the lies are badly written and error-riddled, many can’t tell the difference.


‘Tomato flu’ virus mystery solved – it’s not new & your kids have probably already had it

It is not a type of flu, has nothing to do with tomatoes and isn’t a new disease.