Covid-19 Health

Life expectancy dropping in places with bad COVID-19 vaccine rates

Life expectancy in western Europe bounced back in 2021, a new study has found – but it hasn’t in some other places.

Covid-19 New Zealand

Antivaxxers Voices for Freedom lose appeal over misleading billboards

New Zealand anti-vaccination group Voices for Freedom has lost its appeal against a ruling earlier this year which saw some of its billboards taken down.

Covid-19 Personality

COVID-19 hastened youngsters’ decline into being grumpy adults

COVID-19 changed our personalities in the space of a year or two what would normally take a decade, a new study has found.


NZ health boss says Joe Biden’s wrong to say COVID-19 pandemic is over

The head of New Zealand’s health ministry has dismissed the US President’s claim.


New facemask can warn you if the person you’re talking to has COVID

What if rather than waiting to get sick, you could find out if you’ve been exposed via an app?


Music festivals, religious gatherings could pose ‘highest level of transmission risk’ for COVID-19

People in large groups tend to mingle in a way that gives diseases like COVID-19 the best chance of spreading, a new study has found. At the beginning of the pandemic it became clear much transmission of the virus behind the disease happened in ‘superspreader’ events – one person infecting


Third of unvaccinated have no antibodies against COVID a year after infection

But only 2 percent of those who were vaccinated had run out. 


Some of NZ’s COVID precautions scrapped prematurely – experts

The decision to end most public health measures received a mixed response.


How the world screwed up the global COVID-19 response

“Multiple failures of global cooperation”, are to blame, according to a new report.


Comebacks for when a mouthbreather asks why you’re still wearing a mask

Some great comebacks that’ll leave them wishing they kept their piehole shut


Can vitamin D really prevent COVID-19? Probably not, latest research finds

Supplements seem to do nothing to stop most people from catching COVID-19.


Possible COVID prevention for men might have serious flaw

It seems men are at increased risk from COVID-19 if they have low testosterone.


Expert slams WHO’s ‘most important’ error on airborne COVID-19

If WHO officials had recognised this, the early spread of COVID-19 could have been curtailed.


Two less-than-ideal ways to fight off COVID-19 if you’re a bit lazy

Don’t want to catch COVID-19? Run… but not to the buffet.