Animals Climate Change

How ruining the climate for bugs will backfire on humans

Animals can only endure temperatures within a given range. The upper and lower temperatures of this range are called its critical thermal limits.

Climate Change Environment

The world’s lakes are turning green, and you can probably guess why

Climate change is threatening to turn the world’s blue lakes green and brown, if current warming trends persist.

Climate Change

Termites to thrive as Earth warms, contribute to carbon emissions

Rising sea levels, stronger storms and fewer places to grow coffee won’t be the only problems the world faces as temperatures rise.

Climate Change Health

PETA insists they ‘don’t care about your sex life’

PETA says it isn’t serious about its suggested sex ban on meat-eating men.

Climate Change

Climate change appears likely to drive more hate speech online

Another reason to stop burning the planet just dropped.

Climate Change

Climate change partly behind rise of the dinosaurs – study

Could global warming usher in a new age of reptile dominance on Earth?

Climate Change

Chance of meeting Paris climate goal just one-in-1000, depressing new study predicts

It’s more likely we’re on track for 2C by as early as 2050, with regular heatwaves.

Climate Change

Australia’s ‘Black Summer’ megafire gave ozone hole a boost – study

The bushfires that turned the skies orange in 2020 might have held the up shrinking of the ozone hole.

Climate Change

NZ’s oceans are dropping way too much acid – and not the fun kind

Already more acidic than average, they’re fast deteriorating..