Petting dogs is good for your brain – but they have to be real

Petting a dog lights up the part of the brain that regulates and processes social and emotional interactions, a new study has found.

Animals Climate Change

How ruining the climate for bugs will backfire on humans

Animals can only endure temperatures within a given range. The upper and lower temperatures of this range are called its critical thermal limits.

Animals Evolution

‘Extinct’ cockroach species found surviving in a single tree

A long-lost cockroach species considered extinct for 80 years has been found thriving at the foot of a single banyan tree. 

Animals Evolution

Radiation-protected pitch-black frogs are taking over Chernobyl

Chernobyl tree frogs have a much darker colouration than frogs captured in control areas outside the zone.


Dogs can smell when you’re stressed (if they can be bothered)

Dogs can tell when you’re stressed out with near perfect accuracy based only on your breath, apparently.


Totally not-evil scientists crossed a mosquito with bees and a ‘clawed frog’

It might actually be key to saving hundreds of thousands of lives a year.


How many ants are there? About 20,000 million million, maybe more

Have you ever wondered exactly how many ants live on Earth?

Animals What the hell

Solar-powered cyborg cockroaches are here, inventor promises they won’t go out-of-control

So preoccupied whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think. blah blah blah.


Rare snake chokes on giant venomous centipede

It bit off more than it could chew.


Australian whales – musical geniuses of the ocean?

Scientists have worked out who the creative geniuses of the whale world are.


Web of lies: Nearly half of all news about spiders isn’t true

If this story was about spiders, there’s a good chance it would contain a factual error.


Dogs cry with happiness when they see their owners

Dogs cry when they’re happy to impress their favourite humans, new research has found.


Ancient frogs, tired and shagged out after a long croak, probably drowned

They survived the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs… but not this.