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Dictators up their abuses while hosting sporting tournaments – study

Awarding sporting events to countries run by dictatorships worsens their human rights abuses, a new study has found.

Personality Politics

Parents’ politics leave mark on kids as young as three – study

Kids with conservative parents are more likely to punish wrongdoers from outside their own groups than kids with liberal parents, a new study has found.

Personality Politics Sociology

‘Political bullshit’ more likely to work on right-wingers

Just why right-wing people fall for bullshit isn’t clear. A couple of possible explanations are noted in the study.

Conspiracy theories

How crazy conspiracy theories can be dangerous even if few believe them

Even if most people dismiss conspiracy theories… the high visibility of these false ideas can still make them dangerous.


Is this the world’s oddest politician? Campaign slogans turned into Radiohead tune

A baffling election pitch has been turned into a spot-on copy of a Radiohead song.


Unwilling Auckland mayoral candidate told it’s too late to quit

NZ’s biggest city might soon have a mayor that doesn’t even want the job.


How retailers and manufacturers hide inflation from you

There are changes businesses try to quietly fold increased costs into prices.


Does legislating for ‘plain language’ in official documents actually work?

NZ’s considering making it a requirement for official documents to make sense to everyday people.


Man vying to be NZ’s next leader takes week to rule out coalition with religious extremist

Brian Tamaki once blamed an earthquake on “gays, sinners, and murderers”.


Fiscal drag is back – here’s how it’s affecting your pay

Tax has again become an election issue, more than 12 months before voters go to the polls.


Kim Dotcom hints at return of New Zealand’s Internet Party

Entrepreneur and alleged internet piracy kingpin Kim Dotcom is planning another run at politics.