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A robot.
Artificial intelligence

‘Killer robots’ will be nothing like the movies show – here’s where the real threats lie

Increasingly, the decisions to identify, track and destroy targets are being handed over to algorithms.

multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication: Do I really need to bother with it?

Having more rigorous security measures when logging in can help to protect your accounts, and significantly reduces the likelihood of many automated cyber attacks.

Animals Climate Change

How ruining the climate for bugs will backfire on humans

Animals can only endure temperatures within a given range. The upper and lower temperatures of this range are called its critical thermal limits.

Black chernobyl frog
Animals Evolution

Radiation-protected pitch-black frogs are taking over Chernobyl

Chernobyl tree frogs have a much darker colouration than frogs captured in control areas outside the zone.

Human evolution

Homo sapiens the pinnacle of human progress? Unlikely

Our ancient ancestors got a bad press – here’s why that was a mistake.

Charlie Kelly and his crazy wall
Conspiracy theories

How crazy conspiracy theories can be dangerous even if few believe them

Even if most people dismiss conspiracy theories… the high visibility of these false ideas can still make them dangerous.

Woman writing in diary

Why our brains decided the lockdowns weren’t worth remembering

It’s not really clear what exactly causes these memory glitches.

old bananas

Which foods can we eat past the ‘best before’ date?

‘Best before’ assessments can be highly subjective.

Man in surgical mask

Some of NZ’s COVID precautions scrapped prematurely – experts

The decision to end most public health measures received a mixed response.


How retailers and manufacturers hide inflation from you

There are changes businesses try to quietly fold increased costs into prices.


Metaverse fraud – can it be stopped?

By 2026, it is predicted that 25 percent of people will spend an hour a day in the metaverse.


Does legislating for ‘plain language’ in official documents actually work?

NZ’s considering making it a requirement for official documents to make sense to everyday people.

NZ money

Fiscal drag is back – here’s how it’s affecting your pay

Tax has again become an election issue, more than 12 months before voters go to the polls.

Coxsackie A16

‘Tomato flu’ virus mystery solved – it’s not new & your kids have probably already had it

It is not a type of flu, has nothing to do with tomatoes and isn’t a new disease.


Hey boy, hey girl: Gender’s effect on siblings’ personalities revealed

Our siblings play a central role in our childhoods, but do their genders affect our personality?


Ancient frogs, tired and shagged out after a long croak, probably drowned

They survived the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs… but not this.