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Covid-19 Health

Life expectancy dropping in places with bad COVID-19 vaccine rates

Life expectancy in western Europe bounced back in 2021, a new study has found – but it hasn’t in some other places.

Pong, as played by DishBrain
Artificial intelligence Gaming

‘Sentient’ cells in a petri dish taught to play Pong

Next time you’re getting your ass kicked at Fortnite or online chess, it could be at the metaphorical hands of a petri dish of brain cells.

Bundesarchiv Berlin Olympics 1936 900 600
Politics Sports

Dictators up their abuses while hosting sporting tournaments – study

Awarding sporting events to countries run by dictatorships worsens their human rights abuses, a new study has found.

jazz muso
Music Science

German scientists unlock the secret of jazz music’s ‘swing’

It’s been nearly 100 years since Duke Ellington recorded ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing’, and science has just caught up.

colin williamson virtua fighter stable diffusion 900 600
Artificial intelligence Gaming

Virtua Fighter’s ancient polygon graphics get modern AI makeover

A nerd fed a bunch of screenshots from 1993’s Virtua Fighter into an AI to see what they’d look like in a modern game.


Petting dogs is good for your brain – but they have to be real

Petting a dog lights up the part of the brain that regulates and processes social and emotional interactions, a new study has found.

Amazon website

People like product reviews with swearwords in them

Next time you’re writing an online review, consider dropping an F-bomb or two, if the platform allows it.

woman with phone
Personality Sociology

Science has finally worked out why dudes send nudes

Finally, we know why some men send dick pics – to get nudes in return, or sex. 

Dinosaurs New Zealand Space

Evidence for dinosaur-killing asteroid’s tsunami found in New Zealand

The asteroid that (probably) wiped out the dinosaurs released more than 30,000 times the energy of the deadly 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, a new study has found.

beer and banana
Food and Drink Strange news

Scientists make beer nicer by genetically engineering it to have more ‘banana’ flavour

Scientists say they’ve found a way to make beer tastier using genetic engineering. But they’re not entirely sure why it works.

Creation of the moon

Moon might have taken just hours to make, NASA says

One day the Earth had no moon, the next it was there, according to a radical new theory on the creation of our only major satellite. 

birthday cupcake
New Zealand Strange news

Unwelcome politician turns 6yo’s birthday party into campaign event

A real estate agent standing for office in New Zealand has been criticised for gatecrashing and campaigning at a six-year-old’s birthday party.

End of the world Space

The asteroid NASA hit with a probe now has a 10,000km-long tail

The asteroid NASA smacked around last week now has a tail almost as long as the Earth is wide.

Health Sports

Rugby players more than twice as likely to suffer dementia, Parkinson’s

And that’s not all – playing at the top level boosts the risk of motor neurone disease by 15 times.

metal guitarist
Music Personality

Extreme metal guitarists out to impress other men, not women – study

Male guitarists who spend hours a day practising extreme metal licks and riffs only do so to impress other men, a recent study concluded.

Science What the hell

Erect nipple-shaming common despite being ‘uncontrollable’ – study

People think women whose nipples get erect when sexually aroused are more promiscuous and less intelligent than those who don’t, a new study has found. 

Sociology Technology

Might robot warfare make commanders more humane?

Reducing the number of humans an order passes through might make those making the decisions feel more responsibility for the outcomes. 

naughty kids fighting
Personality Politics

Parents’ politics leave mark on kids as young as three – study

Kids with conservative parents are more likely to punish wrongdoers from outside their own groups than kids with liberal parents, a new study has found.

Strange news

Lottery draw picks all multiples of nine, 433 winners split jackpot

Win the lottery, expect to become a millionaire, right? What if you have to share the winnings with 432 others? 

Lord Howe Island cockroach
Animals Evolution

‘Extinct’ cockroach species found surviving in a single tree

A long-lost cockroach species considered extinct for 80 years has been found thriving at the foot of a single banyan tree.